Draw Your Customer

Purpose: To help participants get a sense of their own perception of customers.
Participants: 4 – 20
Time Required: 15 minutes
Materials Needed: Whiteboard or pin board, sheets of paper, colored markers for each participant.

Steps to Follow:
a) Tell the participants that they have to get in touch with their artistic side in order to complete the following activity, as they will have to draw their customers. Specify that they can draw a portrait or any other artistic impression they see fit for best describing the way they see their customers.
b) Give them 5 minutes to complete their drawing. When they are done, take all of their drawings and put them on display on a whiteboard or pin board.
c) Ask each of them to give a short description of their drawing. At the end, go to the whiteboard or pin board where the drawings are displayed and divide the drawings in one of three categories: positive customer, neutral customer and negative customer. You can draw an emoticon that illustrates each of the categories in a corner of the drawing.
d) Sum up the positive, neutral and negative representations of customers. Tell the group which of the categories has the most representations, then proceeded to the questions for debriefing.

Questions for Debriefing:
• Why did you choose to represent your customers that way?
• Is there anything you could do for the customers in the negative drawings?
• How can you influence the way a customer falls under one of the three mentioned categories?

Tips on Making This Activity Go Well:
• If you have a majority of negative representations, you can tell participants something among the lines of: “Customers usually are how we make them.” This should get them thinking about their influence in getting customers in a positive state.