Keep Calm

Purpose: To help participants understand and control their emotional triggers when interacting with aggressive customers.
Participants: 3 – 15
Time Required: 30 minutes
Materials Needed: Flipchart, colored markers, pieces of paper, pens.

Steps to Follow:
a) Give each participant a blank piece of paper. Ask them to write down five situations that can make them lose their temper and trigger aggressive behavior when interacting with customers.
b) Ask each of them to read their emotional triggers, and emphasize the most important one. When they are done reading, ask them to appoint another participant to suggest a solution on how they can cope with that emotional trigger. A person can only be appointed once and they can’t appoint themselves.
c) After each suggestion, ask the participant exposing his emotional triggers whether he will or will not put it into practice (without going into detail).
d) Review the suggestions that will be put into practice and write them down on the flipchart.

Questions for Debriefing:
• What do you need to be able to control your emotional triggers?
• How can you learn from others how to control aggressive behavior?
• What is the difference between agreeing to a suggestion on how to handle emotional triggers and actually doing it?

Tips on Making This Activity Go Well:
• In case you have no suggestions that are agreed upon, add an additional question addressing this issue. The question can be formulated as: “Why do you think nobody agreed to put into practice another person’s suggestions?” The answers can provide insight on the difference of perspective and could direct participants to find their own solutions.