Selling Object of Choice

Purpose: To help participants assess their selling skills and preferences.
Participants: 5 - 20
Time Required: 15 - 20 minutes
Materials Needed: Pieces of paper, pens.

Steps to Follow:
a) Give a white piece of paper to each participant. Ask them to draw the object or a representation of the service they would most like to sell.
b) Give them five minutes to complete the drawing. When they are done, ask them to pass their drawing to the person on their left (if you are using a cluster or herringbone room arrangement, just gather all the drawings and send re-assign them randomly).
c) Tell them that we don’t always get the chance to sell what we would like, but we have to adapt to any kind of product or service we have to sell. They now have to find three reasons for which they like selling the product drawn on the page they received and present them to the group.

Questions for Debriefing:
• How was it like to find things to like about a strange product or service you have just been assigned to sell?
• What did you do to find things you like about the product you have to sell?
• How important is it that you like selling the product you are assigned to promote?