Song Dedication

Purpose: To help participants understand the importance of empathic communication in customer service.
Participants: 3 – 18
Time Required: 30-40 minutes
Materials Needed: “Customer Situations” handout, computer, a music playlist.

Steps to Follow:
a) Divide participants into groups of three.
b) Assign a situation presented in the “Customer Situations” handout to each group.
c) Ask the members of each team to step forward to a computer placed in the front of the training room.
d) Open a playlist made up of around 30 hit songs that you have previously selected and ask the team to find the most appropriate song they could dedicate to a customer in the situation they have been assigned. Give them 5 minutes to decide on a song.
e) When their mind is made up, ask them to play the first minute of the song and then to justify their decision.

Questions for Debriefing:
• What does this exercise tell us about empathy?
• What did you take into account when deciding which song to choose?
• How can you use the way you made your decision now in a real interaction with a customer?

Tips on Making This Activity Go Well:
• Adapt your playlist according to the average age of your participants, so as to make sure they know most of the tracks. The safest way to go is to choose popular karaoke songs.

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