You Can Have My Procrastination

Purpose: To help participants understand the causes of procrastination and find solutions to overcome it.
Participants: 4 - 16
Time Required: 30 minutes
Materials Needed: None.

Steps to Follow:
a) Divide participants in pairs. Tell each of them to think of an important task they keep putting off for some reason.
b) Ask them to share their thoughts on the topic with their team-mate. They should listen carefully and provide a suggestion on how other person can overcome procrastination.
c) When the discussion is over, ask each pair how it went and whether the solution they were provided might work.

Questions for Debriefing
• What was it like to hear an outsider’s perspective?
• What can you use from you team-mate’s opinion?
• What techniques can you use to keep from procrastinating?

Tips on Making This Activity Go Well:
• When the pairs are discussing procrastination, make sure to walk around the room and hear what they are talking, so as to provide encouragement or feedback when needed.

Reproduced from "Time Management Training Games" by DragoĊŸ V.Iliescu