Presentation Skills Training Books

Presentation Skills Training by Christee Gabour Atwood

The ability to present effectively is a basic business competency. Yet, many managers, team leaders, and other key organizational decision makers lack these skills. This book allows you to design presentation skills training for all levels and people in your organization. This title is a one-stop training resource that provides you with key concepts, tips on assessing organizational needs, and other tools to set your skills program to succeed. You will find programs designed for one-hour, a half day, one or two-day events, along with a step-by-step facilitator guide to ensure that your program stays on task.

The Big Book of Presentation Games: Wake-Em-Up Tricks, Icebreakers, and Other Fun Stuff by Edward Scannell and John Newstrom

Don't let the audience snooze through any of your presentations! How do you keep an audience from becoming bored or restless during a presentation? Find out with The Big Book of Presentation Games.
Each game in The Big Book of Presentation Games is fast, fun, creative, and easy-to-read, and easy-to-lead, and costs little or nothing. Categories also include: great session-openers; icebreakers; climate-setting games; practical jokes and tricks; audience brainteasers; motivation activities; memorable closing activities; and much more!