Random Slides

Purpose: To help participants understand the importance of preparation and improvisation when holding a presentation
Participants: 3 - 15
Time Required: 5 - 7 minutes for each participant
Materials Needed: Projector, presentations with ten random slides.

Steps to Follow:
a) Before using this activity in your presentation skills workshop, prepare a presentation five random slides for each participant in advance. The first slide can be about the IT infrastructure of your company, the second about the importance of proper communication in the workplace, the third can be a picture of a boy walking his dog, and so on. Each presentation must be different from the others. Participants are not allowed to see the slides before the start of this exercise.
b) Tell them they each have to come to the front of the room and hold a presentation based on the slides you have prepared for them. The only rules are that it has to be under 3 minutes, it has to make sense, and the ideas on each slide have to somehow relate to the other slides and to the general idea of the presentation.
c) Have each participant come to the front of the room and deliver their presentations. Start a timer when they begin and stop them after precisely 3 minutes.
d) Proceed to the questions for debriefing after each presentation.

Questions for Debriefing:
• How was delivering this presentation like?
• What could you have done to better deliver this presentation?
• What would you do before delivering your next presentation?

Tips on Making This Activity Go Well:
If any of the participants gests stuck, you can stop the timer for a few seconds and tell them they can relax, think about how they wish to proceed and start the timer again when they are ready. However, you shouldn’t use this method more than once in a presentation, or else the activity will go on for too long.