The Unusual Customer

Purpose: To help understand the importance of spontaneous creativity in sales success.
Participants: 6 - 18
Time Required: 15 - 20 minutes
Materials Needed: "The Unusual Customer" handout, pieces of paper, pens.

Steps to Follow:
a) Tell participants that we cannot choose our customers, but we can choose the way we approach them in order to get them to buy our products.
b) Divide the group into teams of three. Pass a topic in the “The Unusual Customer” handout to each team.
c) Ask them to think up an appropriate sales pitch, based on the information that they have about the customer. Give them 10 minutes to do the job.
d) Once the 10 minutes are up, ask each of them to share their sales pitch.

Questions for Debriefing:
• How was it like trying to sell those products to those particular prospects?
• What would you have needed in order to compose a better text?
• What does this exercise tell you about selling products to people that don’t apparently need it?

Tips on Making This Activity Go Well:
• If the participants are very new to sales, they might not find any arguments for selling the respective product to a client of that sort. Tell them that there are no wrong answers and ask them to think what the imaginary prospects could use the product for.

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